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Ford Transit Repairs

Gages Lake Auto and Light Truck Repair Can Meet All Your ford transit Repair and Maintenance Needs

Our staff here at Gages Lake Auto and Light Truck Repair, located in Gages Lake, IL 60030, is friendly and knowledgeable about all your vehicles. We are waiting to answer your questions and get you scheduled for any necessary repairs or maintenance. Our technicians can diagnose and fix a wide array of problems that can arise in Ford Transit vehicles over time. We fully understand that these delivery vehicles are your livelihood. We can and will get you back on the road, and earning money, quickly.

The Transit is Ford’s light commercial work van, and it offers the utility and versatility you expect from a vehicle in this segment. The Ford Transit delivers impressive payload capability, and with its endless configurations, it’s easy to find a version that suits your needs. The Ford Transit also comes with a useful assortment of standard equipment, making the Transit a suitable match for anyone looking to use it as a work van. Gages Lake Auto and Light Truck Repair in Gages Lake, IL has expert technicians eager to help keep your Ford Transit in prime operating condition.

The Ford Transit vans have proven to be workhorse vehicles, especially in the package delivery industry. The Transit is however plagued by a common set of problems including premature brake wear, sliding side door issues, and early fuel pump failure. And naturally those darn exterior bulbs that seem to be constantly burning out. The well-trained Ford Transit service technicians at Gages Lake Auto and Light Truck Repair can handle almost any problem.

Affordable Repairs for Your Ford Transit Vehicle at Gages Lake Auto and Light Truck Repair

Our eager and friendly staff is waiting patiently here at Gages Lake Auto and Light Truck Repair to meet all your Transit repair needs. We will get you back on the road and back to earning money. All you have to do is call us at (847) 752-5221 to schedule an appointment. Or you can stop by our service center and meet our staff in person.

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